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Available in Evil.

Quick update guys. Got some work done on my Succubus, may add to it at a later date but right now head is bustling with ideas I want to sketch and I know I'll lose them if I stay on one project too long, hence lots of WIP's and speed paints being created. Never stay on one topic too long or you'll lose yourself in it.

Anyway Succubus final image and Zombie WIP.

Oh Hello

I've never been one for 'painting' as such, I've always come short at my own expectations when attempting it which has frustrated me to no end on many occasions, however I feel to grow as an artist I'll have to learn to master this style of drawing in order to progress to the state I'd like to reach later on in life.

And so with the help of a book called 'Alien Race' I've been looking up and considering creature designs. Creature designing is ultimately what I'd love to end up doing, the idea of forming a fully functioning habitat of creatures from nothing but my imagination fascinates me.

So to anyone interested in creature designs I highly recommend looking up this book:

Alien Race - Amazon

Anyway here's my first successful attempt at speed painting, roughly 30 minutes this took. I've got to actually start timing myself! 

Experimentation and The Blanks

A little update on the Succubus picture:

After trying jumping straight into colour theory I have decided perhaps a little more work on the actual form itself might be required, this did help me figure out the lighting a bit better though, the image is far too 'cool' for it to really emphasize a deamonic succubus. More warmth to be added.

Linework so far:
Thankfully my trip to the National History Museum gave me a few references for horns and such so I think that definitely add a bit of realism to his image. Pondering more obscure piercings and tattoos, but still just an idea so far.

In other news I went to a local 'Blanks' gig, you may not know the name of the group but you'd recognise them instantly if you saw them. Also known as 'Ted's Band' from Scrubs, they were a fantastic group and we even met them afterwards and turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable people to talk to. And here's a photo to mark the occasion:

I hope they enjoyed the new hair.

And so the blog begins...

At the age of 22 I have finished a course in graphic design and the advent of studying Illustration in university is finally dawning. This blog is here to help you get an understanding of who I am and follow my work as it progresses both academically and professionally. And if there's anything amusic I find along my way in life I'll be sure to share that too.

Now to start off with my current works:

Designing a zombie is no easy task, the knowledge of anatomy is paramount when creating one and I hope this comes across in this image.

Set in an apocalyptic city, I always find the idea of portraying sexy undead girls to be quite an unusual one if amazing fun. Hopefully more updates on this one as I progress with it along with the help of the community.

Another image I'm working on is primarily to test lighting. Colours have fascinated me for a while now and I reccomend if anyone seeks a quick improvement in your art, look up colour theory.

Yes reading can be bori…