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More of the Swamp.

Ok, so to explain the title of this little blog. Nature and greenery in particular have fascinated me since I was a child, from finding field mice in the corn fields behind our families village home when I was 4 to climbing trees and skimming stones in ponds until well into my teens. I've had a strong fascination with nature. In fact upon travelling to Spain I recall being particular pleased just to see the colour green again. I think if I were to leave England I wouldn't be able to be too far from nature or I might lose myself. And so 'Into the Swamp'

Sure it could be into the forest, but this is about art, about losing yourself in a gritty place full of grime and dank. Those who view art as being some sort of beautiful thing with untouched beauty have never experienced creating it themselves. It's a tough ordeal where the thicker your skin is the better, you have to persevere through the good and bad and never stop pushing for fear of being left behind. And so th…