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Pin Ups

So after talking to a few friends I've recently drawn a pin up or two. At first it started off as some simple sketches, but eventually it's worked it's way into a fully fledged print.

In all honesty the cowgirl was inspired by a recent song I've been listening to: It's not often I end up having a youtube song on repeat as much as this but at least it got my creative juices flowing.

But I digress, upon looking at some guides on how to create alluring pin ups, I asked a friend of mine what sort of pin up I should try. Little did I know he had a clown fetish. And soon the work began! I used more new techniques but I'm very pleased with the result. I'm sure when I start uni in a couple weeks It will be a good conversation piece ;P

Well here it is anyway.

And if you'd like to see a quick look at the development process follow the link below.…