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The Start of the Animation Course.

Well it's been over 2 months since I last updated this, what with moving to Cardiff and beginning a new course. Having left the Illustration course at Northampton university, I've begun work on a computer animation course here in muggy Cardiff, and below are the first examples of work that have been produced.

Our first project was to take a painting we liked and animate it, this was to teach us the basics of animation, cinematography and audio; this was actually quite an eye opener for me personally. Whilst I've drawn and painted and written prose for years, not once have I ever needed to consider audio of any kind, and so I was thrown off balance.

Still I chose my piece, 'The Tome of Salvation' by Ralph Horsley, and endevoured to try and make this as successful as possible. Below are the sketches of the storyboard as well as the video.

And the video:

There are some obvious problems with the work, but this is my first animation on this course, (second ever) so for …

Elemental Card Sketches

So it's been over two months since I last posted. I shalln't get into the details of how busy I've been, but here's something I've been working on for a rather large set of commissions. The idea was to create a set of cards representing a regular deck, but instead of using suits we'd use elements. The idea of using 13 cards for each suit was a rather large task though and so we've shrunk down the amount of cards per element to 4. Here's the final result:

And here are the original sketches for each card. Bear in mind these are mostly for my own benefit of figuring out layout and design ideas, so some may be readable whilst others might just be a mish-mash of lines unless you know what you're looking for.

In other news, I recently won a competition to receive a collectors edition of Guild Wars 2. I've been excited about this game for coming upto two years. The artwork is amazing and with that, I'm going to rest before I start my headstart time…

The Bellowing Death-Harbinger

The bellowing Death dealer is named as such for the use of one of it's many mouths. Bellows upon it's back allow vast amount of air to be channeled and focused through the slit-like mouth on it's neck. When it's bellows are heard across the vast Minnesotan plains death is a certainty for either the people nearby or their livestock. It efficiently kills at tears apart it's prey using it's many jaw mandibles on it's main head before letting the lapping tongues dangle from the third mouth situated on it's chest, leaving it time to search for it's next prey and bellow it's soul curdling drone once more.

Process shot below:

 I had decided the fur didn't look right at this point, after looking at some other images such as this critter from Starcraft I decided to experiment a bit with it, resulting in a much better look I think.

Sketches Round 1, Streaming and the New Computer =D

First off, thanks to everyone who's supported me over the last few months of art, I've spent a lot of time practicing and the kind words of encouragement have meant a lot.

Now onto business, I've got a new Mac! :P This might not sound so great to some people, but I can certainly tell you it means a lot to me. I've been using an old version of the iMacs (6 years old) that has a small screen, takes upwards of 15 minutes to save a file and lets not even start on textures. So getting this new one has meant a lot to me.

Look at the pretty screen, isn't it beautiful? :P

Also with this new iMac it's allowed me to finally start broadcasting my work via a live stream. For those of you who may be interested the link is below:

On we go with the sketches anyway :)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Horde :P I'm really big of spikey red things and ugly bastards smashing things with axes or melting their flesh off with arcane fir…

The Keymaster

This weeks CHoW was to design a Keymaster, the rules were as follows:

Can be male or femaleCan be any age Does not have to be human - This could be an alien planet!Must carry seven 'keys' on a golden chain - each representing a different elementThey are not a king but hold the highest position of powerMust have white eyesThe style, time and genre is entirely up to you. At first I had came up with the idea of creating an old man, his designs based loosely on the phoenix since he story was that of someone who dies and passes the mantle onto another.

The keys were supposed to be represented by children each pertaining to one of the elements.

After re-reading the rules however I came to realise this wouldn't fit the brief, the  children weren't on a gold chain and I wasn't about to lock children up to an old man :P

I decided to overhaul the design, still wanting to keep the avian theme. I searched up holy icons and finally found a sect of designs I liked. The Hindu holy…