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Thought I'd update today with some progress on my dragon sketch and a new image I'm working on. I recently looked at the work of artist Marc Brunet and found an old tutorial of his in ImagineFX. If you'd like to see what sort of work he does take a look here: (Marc Brunet dA) Whilst I'll be using a different technique to him for my work I'm going to see what his style could hold as influence for this piece.

We'll see how this turns out, but I'm thinking of adding colours before shading, this was just something quick so I had a good idea about what I'd like to do. I'm thinking an obvious orange back/side light as the main light source and possibly blue from the left however I'm tired of using the tried and tested orange/blue combination, well maybe on an image that isn't using candles as the main light source specifically, or maybe I'll just make them masical candles and change the colours about, we'll see.

As for the Tomato Dragon...…

Think There Might be a Theme Here...

So I'm trying to get back into digital painting. yet my mind always seems to drift back towards a familiar subject matter.


Not that I have much a problem with having them pop up in my head. If one were to be so inclined you could postulate that I am being haunted by demons... I'm ok with that though!

I should spend more time of this, might update a better version later on.

Post-Holiday Update: Distractions and Work to Come

So it'd been a while since I really updated this, well here's my excuse.

Sure I had a month of updating missing before this came out but with Uni starting up, this came out just as things had begun to settle. I mean, draw... or...

Hmm... hard choice... Maybe both :)

But with the Skyrim hype all died down now, since my creativity has recovered from the metaphorical arrow to the knee. So hopefully there'll be more posts soon :)

And as for sources of inspiration that have helped keep my creative side alive during this process here are a few of the books I've bought or already owned that have really given me a creative boost when I needed it. hopefully if you come across them you might see what I mean. (You'll have to excuse the photo quality however... many things go missing over Christmas... including my camera cables >[...)

I recently bought The Art of Guild Wars 2 as a friend of mine has always been an avid supporter of the game and suggested I look into it. Gir…

Post-Holiday Update: Digital Work

I might have uploaded my sketchbook but I've also been working a fair bit on my digital work. Still trying to find a style that works best for me I'm still in the process of trial and error. Here are a few examples of work I'm either working on, finished or just plain gave up on.

For Halloween I gave the gift of free zombie drawings to the friends I'd made at uni, this is my favourite, but as it is me so that's not surprising :P Here's a few other examples:

I'd also tried working on more character concepts:

 During the holiday there was also talk between my friend Hollie and I, (Hollie's blog) about doing our own challenges again. You might have noticed in the sketchbook post below a collection of words next to the text 'dragon'. Well that was our challenge, give each other words and create a seperate challenge for each word. ('Tomato'... thanks hols >[ ).

Anyway I decided to get the worst one out of the way first, here's my Tomat…

Post-Holiday Update: Scans

Ok, so it's been a while since I'm updated this thing. Maybe it's settling into the new uni life but there's really no excuse, so without further ado here's a collection of my sketchbook scans since last you saw it.

Single continuous line. Single continuous line - Left hand Even when I'm supposed to be listening in my lectures I'll still draw zombies and monsters. I like the idea of a dragon with an upside down head... now to implement it correctly.

Thanks to my friend Sophie for posing in the top right :P  Yes I know I spelt her name wrong, Sorry Pippi. Nice little self portrait there, see if you can guess which one it is. Still need to design clothes for Jennifer there.
Anyway that's enough pap, traditional sketchbook down.