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Two Isn't Always Better Than One

So with weekly competitions being a regular thing for me now, (or at least as long as I can keep this up) I thought I'd share the results of my work.

Unfortunately the poor Chitineous Chaser here didn't win the weekly contest, but I'm not assuming I'll win anyway for a while. That's not what these things are about anyway, and with that here's work for the nex topic.

'Flying Megamouth'.

I'll be honest, this image just reminds me of a very flambouyant crossdresser, I think it's time to try vamping this up.

A big improvement, but it seems a bit heavy, and it needs 'wings' Basing ths design off Stingrays is fair enough but you need a limit.

We'll see how this turns out later on, adding colour always seems to be my downfall however...

Doing this work however looking at the thumbnail of one of these images made me see another design, one I'd like to do on the side out of the time limits and restrictions of the Creature of the Week cont…

Illness and Repair.

Ok so I'm sorry for having not posted in a fair while, having suffered not one, not two, but three illnesses in the last couple months I've been taken off my feet pretty hard, resulting in a big creative drought and a lot of missed university work.

Feeling better now (for the most part) I've got back on my feet and decided to really kick my creative juices into overdrive by entering a competition as well as showing off some of my work I never reached completion with before illness struck.

This character is just something quick I came up with for a book I've been working on on the side. A black woman adorned in jewelery her most distinctive trait would have to be her unusual red eyes.

Sadly this never got finished. It was originally going to be used in a monthly competition with the title of 'The Return', After some research I'd taken a fancy to the idea of portraying a 'Roc' returning with food for her chicks. For those who aren't aware of what …