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Happy Easter

Easter Bunny on another world? Having just bought this I figured it might be good to try getting a bunny creature done for Easter, funny as I didn't realise it was Easter until most of the way through this design. Guess that's a bit of a coincidence :P

Also here are some designs from another project I'm running on parkour/freerunning and graffiti.

Yes the graffiti is a bit naff but after some work and more designs I'll have some decent stuff going on hopefully.

Charming Cthulhu

Ok, so after realising that my final portfolio for my artwork is a BIT on the short side. At least with the quality of work I'd like to see in there, my friend (Matt Lee) and I have decided to take it upon ourselves to form our own little project. The aim of the project is for us to come up with ideas for games, ranging is styles and genres to try and give us as much variety as possible.

We've decided to call it Charming Cthulhu Games, and we're working on our first ideas now. I'd really like it if you joined us and watched our work and portfolios increase.

so feel free to check out the links below to keep an eye on our work.

Music & Art
Matt Lee's Blog

Music & Art

Facebook page

Don't worry, this place will still be here for my own personal work, so now I'll be twice as productive... I hope.

Another Week, Another Competition.

So this image ended up being my final entry in the 'Winged Megamouth' competition, I was quite impressed with some of it, other bits such as the ship, not so much. Oh well trial and error.

Here's a close up on the mouth for you to enjoy.

Also Here's some steps I've taken on the other two headed dragon image.

More to come later :)