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C.O.W. #260 - The Cute Fuzzy Bombs

From now on I think I'm going to try limiting each post to certain topics, such as sketch updates and certain designs. Designs like this one.
The Cute Fuzzy Bombs
Designed for another C.O.W (creature of the week) competition held on the forums, this weeks topic was to create a creature that filled the following requirements:
- The creature must be small and furry. no larger than an average rabbit. and should be very cute looking!

- The creature must have a way of exploding. ( doesn't have to be realistic, get creative!)

- If you can also show it exploding you get extra credit ( which just means you get everyone saying "hey dude way to do something cool! hahaha!) 

These are the quick sketches I did to try and get an idea of the kind of creature I wanted to create:

As you can see the design quickly formed itself into a squirrel like creature, designs based on the frogs and penguins seemed adorable, but for the purpose of a creature that is designed to explode i…


Finally got it finished, and I definitely learnt a bit more about light on this one. Although more practice is definitely needed. Here's how it ended up anyway:

Concept: Gua'ak

The Gua'ak are mainly found in dense jungles; although other variants have been found in less tropical climes, they all exhibit the same behaviour when it comes to feeding. They are nocturnal predators and will leap from tree to tree using their powerful legs before finding a low hanging branch to perch themselves on, dangling their large tail near the ground,it then lights its bioluminescent tail brightly in the middle of the night to draw the more curious creatures towards it after it carefully lowers it's prehensile tongue into the underbrush.

When its victim comes along to investigate the strange light the Gua'ak will quietly move its tongue into position before striking at the victims next, quickly and quietly suffocating it. Finally lifting it's prey up onto the branch bef…

Sketches and Jungles

Thought I'd update with a few pages scanned from my personal sketchbooks and some personal creature sketches.

I've also been designing a creature for a personal story of mine, created mainly so I had some inspiration and could conistently have a target and a brief to work to without spiralling into less realistic designs.


The Viskuul are an amphibian race, omnivores at a young age their body quickly becomes intolerant to physical food, instead siphoning off arcane energy of any living thing. They story this energy in reserves of what looks to be gas or liquid filled sacs all over their body. They are luminous due to the somewhat strange properties of their marshland environment and relatively stupid compared to Humans. Although there have been rumours of more intelligent individuals, just nothing substanciated.

I eventually stuck with this design, although I may come back to revise it at a later date.

And now for my latest C.O.W. entry for the Conceptart forums for crea…