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The Storm Dragon

Another week, another contest. This time I decided to enter at's Creature of the week once again. What made this slightly different however was the fact I was entering this competition with only 3 days left as opposed to the original 7. Because of this I didn't have nearly as much time to get feedback on my designs or my progress, and much of it was done on the fly. Luckily I think this turned out to be one of my better designs, so I'm quite happy with how my workflow seems to be improving.

Anyway, the brief was such:

Dragons come in all shapes, colours and elemental properties. This week your task is to design a storm dragon, one with the ability to harness the raw power produced in storms of all kinds. The idea here is that the dragon would be dormant, or significantly less powerful between storms, but upon the first signs of storm clouds might awaken and wreak havoc (or whatever else a dragon with the power of storms might do) using it's ability t…

The Triclops

As the holidays loomed upon me and university work had taken a shift to less important topics I felt it was time to get back into the swing of the creature contests I used to enter some months ago. My choice was to enter CGHubs 'Triclops' competition with the following brief:

'The triclops' primary sense is the 3 eyes it has. It is a nocturnal little creature that gets frightened easily, so it spends much of its time looking around for predators before making any type of move. It is a quadruped with 2 smaller limbs used to handle food. (6 limbs total) All other physical traits are up to you.'

And so I went about creating sketches.

For these I simply tried to get a full range of designs. The largest problem however is the complete lack of any animals within the entire earths ecosystem with a need to have 3 eyes, all necessities such as a wider field of vision can be attained with developments like a rectangular iris, similar to a goats. Not to mention the 6 li…