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Sketches and Value Studies - Feb 2013

I think considering I tend to update this place with a lot of work that is finished, sketches up until the final results, perhaps it would be nice to see my tests or just general practice that never fully realises into a finished piece. Just daily bits I do to try and keep my own library of knowledge up to date. So here it is:

Life drawing

Bear in mind some of these are done in as little as 1 minute, other may go up to 20, but generally these are all done as fast as possible so that getting bogged down in detail is not a problem.

Older female

Faces (drawn during a lecture, roughly 2-5 minutes each)

Female Pencil Tone study (approx 20 mins)

Male Pencil Tonal Study (approx 8 mins)

The following are works done on the computer, I personally find these much easier to blend in terms of value and colour, although hopefully soon I'll be able to get some much needed equipment and I can start working in my sketchbook also.

(I used to LOVE this show as a kid, if you didn't wat…