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Realistic Pokemon

So with our final life drawing project underway we've been asked to find artists work we admire and imitate them. This work is based off of Arvalis' (Advalis' dA) realistic Pokemon work. Whilst he has done some lovely artwork otherwise it's his Pokemon work that caught a lot of people attention.

I chose Blaziken because, let's face it, he's pretty awesome. Also it's a Pokemon I like that hasn't been done by Arvalis before and I haven't drawn him to death like the others. (Golduck)

I always felt like blaziken reminded me of Secretary Birds, or Bearded Vultures. If you have heard of these before I highly suggest looking them up, not only are they beautiful birds, they are fascinating. Secretary birds are known for crushing the skulls of their prey with their feet, and Bearded Vultures actually smash the bones of their prey to bits in order to eat them. Seems like a perfect fit for Blaziken!

I started off by doing a quick drawing of how I wanted Blaziken…