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The Female Blacksmith

So for my universities final project of the first year. we were tasked with creating and designing a character of our choosing, we had a very free reign when it came to this project. I guess it's no surprise to the people that know me that I'd choose a middle aged blacksmith.

I pretty much knew the design I wanted from the bat and jumped right in. After a few developmental sketches I wound up with:

As usual with character design, expression and turnaround sheets were created. These were obviously good for modelling, but I feel they also really solidified the character as a person (in my mind at least)

 Then came designing the environment. I'd never designed a 3D environment by this point, and so making sure all the pieces were correct was key. I already knew what kind of scene I wanted to have, but bringing it to life was a lot harder than I expected.

Once everything was modeled (Using Maya I might add, I think this would look so cool in Zbrush, but gotta take it in step…

Link and the Redeads

A few of you who follow my Tumblr might be aware of this sketch I posted a few months ago. Well with Wind Waker being remade I thought it might be time to show this little sketch the love it deserves.

I'm sorry there's not much in terms of a development here, but I think this was a nice lesson for me. Letting me know that it's okay to go back to old sketches and finish them up from time to time.

Sci-fi Environments Work Up.

It's come to my attention that I should really be spending more time not only working on my 3D modelling skills but my painting too. It's strange getting back into it after focusing on another medium for so long. But environments have always been a weak spot of mine, and I'm here to start fixing that.

Here are some of the developmental thumbs and sketches I created. Just trying to get a feel for composition, value, lighting etc.

And finally here is the end result of one of my environment pieces. I'll be working on a lot more but I already felt I learnt a lot, hopefully by the end of the summer holidays I'll have them down pretty good!