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Necromancers Familiar

So it's been a while since I entered and completed a 'Creature of the Week' contest held on (by the way I'd really recommend checking them out if you're looking to improve your creature design, helped me in leaps and bounds), but this week I felt I had the time to do it. And so here's the steps I took to create 'The Weaver'. Brief:-the familiar is the result of one of the necromancer's rituals, so base it's appearance on the undead in some way, it can resemble a rotting zombie-like carcass, animated bones of some kind, or more ghostly and spirit-like -depict this creature being involved with the necromancer in one of his rituals. It can be as significant or as useless as you like -You may include the necromancer if you wish, but the familiar must be the main focus of the image So after reading this I decided I wanted a creature that would eat the parts of decaying creatures or people, swollen and grotesque. Originally I had…