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Weekly Update #3: Muscles, Metal and Musings.

This week was primarily spent doing small tweaks to existing work, or practicing new styles or techniques on existing designs. First off is the Android, it has been fully textured and all the areas are colour coded. however, once the texture maps were applied I found the design to be vastly too 'cartoon-like'. And so I experimented with the texture maps. As you can see below are what the original map looks like. I decided to try adding some metallic detail. I wanted it to be incredibly subtle however, and so using a very low opacity and having the texture on 'overlay' allowed me to pull this texture map away from the cartoon world and add some realism to it, without detracting from it's very simple design. We were also asked to quickly produce various head types in Zbrush. Whilst this obviously isn't my first time using the program, it's the first time we've been 'officially' told to use it in university. Here are some of the mock ups I quick…

Weekly Update #2: Starship Captains, Androids and Giraffe Monsters

Some quick changes have had to come about since the last update, so allow me to fill you in. During a talk with one of our tutors, it became apparent that the focus of the pitches had become muddied and lost it's focus. I hadn't felt a connection with them personally and it was by getting this additional perspective I think I understood why that was the case. With deadline drawing so close now we had no time to be particularly clean when it came to redoing any of our work. We'd already shot some scenes and we were nearly a week behind schedule. With this taken into account I began sketching a more cohesive storyboard, one that had the beginning, middle and end we needed and managed to get all the points across we wanted to make in a much shorter time limit. Sadly I didn't have time to really make a neat storyboard version of this and thus the only copy I have to show is the very rough version we used the same day to reshoot the scenes. As you can see, it's so …