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Monte Cook Games: Sculpting Light

This is my first commission for roleplaying game company 'Monte Cook Games'. I've loved the work of 'Numenera' since I first saw it almost two years ago, the colours are amazing, the world seems fantastic, and a few months ago when I was contacted by them to produce some work for their 'Numenera' and 'The Strange' I jumped at the chance! This is my first piece of work produced for them, and I'll post up a few WIP shots so you can understand how I arrived at my final piece. The brief was as follows: This image is of a male human wearing a science-fiction (with a little superhero) inspired body suit. The figure is outlined in a nimbus of glowing orange light. He’s projecting a stronger pulse of this same light from his hands, which “Green Lantern-style” has formed into a protective shield between him and the attacks of an advancing troop of 3-4 venom troopers. I was provided with the following image for reference when dealing with the Venom T…

Weekly Update #8-9: Turnarounds and Final Animatics

It's hard to believe only two weeks have gone by. Since the pitch and having everyone join the group so much work has been completed. After some revisions we've created roughly 6 variations of the initial storyboard. We noticed that in the first test, the character her monster are hardly the best of friends, which isn't exactly what we were looking for. Our character is an adventurer, she's already caught monsters herself and so she's pretty sure of herself when it comes to tracking down monsters, however she's also quite clumsy and so despite her ability she's not the greatest tracker out there. Her monster on the other hand is very simple, it's her stalwart protector and will stand up to anything she requires, they've been friends for a long time. It is also quite young though, and so is quite curios and can be prone to being started as you can see in the animatic. There were also some issues to do with pacing and understanding the narrative of t…