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Weekly Update #12: Sculpting Them Curves.

I began this week by working on something I'd been looking forward to for a while, Zbrush sculpting! As much as I'd wanted to get the low poly of our character 'Keeva' to be correct, I was looking forward to really adding in the detail and style I knew I couldn't do in program like Maya. I started off by simply working in the general shapes into the body, trying to define objects, and larger details like the cuffs etc. Sculpting into the basic red clay didn't feel right however. After looking up some tutorials on stylised character sculpting I decided to try a different material and also try experimenting with the style of certain elements. With the planes for the eyes and eyebrows missing, I began to wonder if perhaps the character needed to have sculpted in details on the face as I began working on the mouth. Whilst I do think it would have worked quite well, I don't feel it suited the style of the actual animation, and therefore I quickly dropped i…

Weekly Update #11:Character Low-Poly

This being an animation project, I was tempted to simply start my modelling right in Zbrush. I decided spending some time making sure I had all the correct loopflow might have been a better idea though so that when it came to the animation, there were no issues. After a few days this is what I created. I'm sure after sculpting in Zbrush there will be some slight differences when it comes to the low poly. But this is a good start. That's all for this weeks update as it has been spent resting and working on private commissions on top of this work. Expect more Zbrush screenshots in the near future!

Weekly Update #10: Pre-Production Rounds to a Close.

This week Project Alpha goes into Production. It's been several weeks and one long vacation since the last update and so there is a lot of work to keep you up to date with. First off let's start with our main character: During this process I hardly hardly touched upon colour schemes for Alpha's protagonist, but I already knew roughly where I wanted her to be. I drew up these quick colour shots to both get a feel for what I had wanted, and check other options to make sure I wasn't being blind to any sort of combination that may have worked better. Now it was time to narrow them down. With these few options chosen, only one or two really stood out now. I could have spent more time tweaking them, but pre-production time was running out, and so it was necessary to move onto the next step. With the base colours down, it our character was ready for a final render pass in preparation for both promotion and examination. Watercolour textures were added on top in ov…