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Weekly Update #23: Metroid Redesigns and Props

This week I learnt that my favourite game company Retro Studios opened a single place for a concept artist. I am aware of my abilities and how applying for such a role is most definitely above my skillset so far, but I knew I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't at least try to apply for the job. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. One thing my portfolio is missing is more fully rendered character images. I also need some designs tailored to certain series so that prospective employers know I have the ability to work to varying styles. So I spent my time trying to redesign Samus Aran and her Chozo power suit from the Metroid sereis, a series Retro Studios is renowned for doing an amazing job translating into 3D. I began by making some quick poses. For these I wanted to try and portray the real ass-kickery Samus displays, but I also had to constrain this to something easy to read as a character pose and keep well in line with Samus' original silhouette. And as …

Weekly Update #22: Turnarounds and Totems

This week marks the end of my work on Alpha! I've finally completed all the models, props, animatics, storyboards, sketches. Everything is done, and I'm extremely glad to have finished it. I've spent an additional month on this that I wasn't planning, and worked on props that I was never scheduled to do. But now everything is complete I can finally relax. Right now I'm still rendering turnarounds on the props and I'll be sure to have them up next week, but for now you can enjoy the final turnarounds of both Keeva and her Fluffy Monster: Keeva Turnaround (First Draft) from Sam Cullum on Vimeo.Fluffy Monster Turnaround from Sam Cullum on Vimeo. Here's also a turnaround for our Totem beacon for the short also. I'm really glad with how this turned out. It was one of the props I feared the most, but it's based off the dragon from Weekly update #20 and I think there's definitely some resemblence there. I've also managed even more masters stud…

Weekly Update #21: Bugs and Books

All the pages have been finished for our book rig. I won't be showing them all right now, but in the mean time here is a progress shot of one of the pages. It's the little details like writing information inside the book, only to have it be erased and corrected by the author that make me really love adding this kind of character to my work. Here's also a shot of the book being fully textured. I'm glad with how it came out, I just hope it fits well within the scene! On Conceptart.orgs forums I had also noticed there was a creature design contest regarding Starship Troopers redesigns. I can't express how much I'd wanted to enter this, but I just didn't have the time for this extra work on top of all of my props. I missed the deadline, but I have made a quick sketch of a redesigned Warrior bug.

Weekly Update #20: Beginning Textures.

This week it was time to really start working on the props that Alpha required. I decided to start with the book our main character flicks through as I thought this may be the most difficult prop to manage. I decided to make sure each page had something interesting on it at least, and luckily, because of all the sketches of creatures I had made for this idea beforehand, I now had a wealth of images to place inside the books. Here's the first page: The rest should come along quite nicely after this :) I've also spent time working into the textures of Keeva also, however, there isn't much to show regarding this, so here is a test screencapture of my trying to adjust her eyes. Until next week.