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As I may have mentioned previously, I had been told that I needed to work on creating concepts for already established IP's. This is to show that as a junior artist, I have the ability to come into a studio and mesh neatly with their branding and style. So for this little exercise I chose the Mortal Kombat IP after enjoying a bit of Mortal Kombat X myself recently!

I had an idea for a dinosaur hunter. Someone who hunted and killed these beasts, but also wore armour made from their hides and bones. A very brutal character.

I had a rough down, but I felt it was too busy. There wasn't anywhere for the eye to rest. And so with some more cleaning up I wound up with a final greyscale image.

And then it was just adding colour and touching up!

It was definitely a challenge painting darker skin. And I learned something from it. But I think more practice is needed! Until next time!