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Schoolism Part #2 - Nathan Fowkes Environment Design (Part 2)

Part 2 of Nathan Fowkes Environment Design required you to take another collection of images, and break them down into 3 values. After all, if you cannot discern an image in 3 values, perhaps it's not a very readable image. This was to teach us how to dissect art to make it easier for us to produce ourselves. Here are the examples I created:

Wardrobe Show'em

I recently completed a commission for Monte Cook Games 'The Strange'. The topic was to design an eerie looking wardrobe, to take a regular object and make it look somehow menacing. Here's the brief: 'Made of wood, it was built in the late 1400s. It’s heavily carved and has a medieval (rather than baroque or more modern) look. The carvings, among other imagery, evoke angels blowing trumpets over hoards of indistinct figures—a vast, but subtly unnerving, army. The wardrobe stands over seven feet tall, is about five feet wide, and about two feet deep. In this illustration, the outer double-doors are open, to reveal a second set of double doors. These doors lack the fine carvings of the outer surface, and are thickly and sturdily built. Several iron bands cross the inner doors, and patterns in the wood indicate where other iron bands were, at some distant time, removed. The inner doors are slightly ajar, revealing a sliver of darkness in the interior.' To facilitate…

Spanish Conquistador

After doing some fantasy based character design for other IP's I decided I wanted to do something that was more grounded in reality. I chose to do some sort of historical character, and after looking up the history of Spanish Conquistadors I found something I really wanted to work on.

See, with Conquistadors a lot of them were just poor spaniards who didn't have a full set of armour, but didn't really need it either. they had been fighting the native South Americans for decades and found that much of a 'full' set of armour was essentially useless, what with the highest technological weapon the natives had being clubs.

Metal armour was just too strong for the natives, and too heavy for the invaders. And so I conceived a character that had been fighting for many, many years to conquer these foreign lands, but had just grown tired of it. I didn't want him to have much armour, maybe just a breastplate, and for them to look confident, but perhaps also tired. I bega…

Schoolism Part #2 - Nathan Fowkes Environment Design (Part 1)

Following on from my last Schoolism post, I knew environment design was one of my weaker areas. And so I signed up for Nathan Fowkes Environment Design class. His lesson threw you in the deep end of work pretty fast, which I actually really enjoyed. And so this post is just about the first lesson of the class. To take 10-12 images we like, and study and replicate them, within a short period of time.

Luckily I have a very large collection of images on my (Pinterest board, and so finding some images I liked proved quite easy. And so here are the 12 images I made for this assignment:

These were actually really fun, and I'm hoping to do more soon!

Schoolism Part #1 - Bobby Chiu's Digital Painting

With Bobby Chiu's Schoolism now offering self taught classes I've decided to snatch up one of their subscriptions and begin working on improving my skills. The first class I'm signed up for is Bobby Chiu's own Digital Painting class. Although I believed this to be for more beginner/amateur level artists, I thought it would be worthwhile in making sure I had all the basic skills.

Luckily there were a few tricks I hadn't known about previously and this really did teach me the quality of patience. About taking your time and making informed decisions about your mark work. Anyway, here's a compilation of all the daily lessons I completed.

More to come soon hopefully!