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Water of Urd

This  commission asked for three women; a mother, a maiden, and a crone, dressed in nordic attire, standing over a stone basin of dark water over the a world spanning tree.

This was going to be a challenge, as painting elderly folks requires a lot of finesse to not overdo. But after collecting enough reference on my Pinterest, I felt I knew how to tackle it.

I began by having my lovely partner pose for several photos around an imaginary basin. This was to make sure I had all the anatomy right as well as the angles. It took dozens of photos, and even though it was slightly harder to align them together, given that when she was portraying any of the characters she could not see how they stood in relation to the others. we still wound up with a pretty decent compilation of images for reference.

I began by making a few sketches. I felt like what the art director was looking for was something more in like with typical fantasy fare, women in a hut. That sort of thing. However after looking …

Floating Bubble

The brief for this assignment was to create a group of calm travellers inside a bubble, as it passed through a maelstrom. I immediately began designing some rough value ideas:

This was to figure out composition mostly, the size of the bubble, the shapes of the clouds that would compose this maelstrom.

Next it was time to start tidying up. However the feedback received was that the characters were too small. I made the relevant adjustments and ended up with something I felt was close to how I wanted. I wanted this image to feel like it was moving, and so a lot of attention was paid to the swirling of clouds and the formations.

Next I began laying colours down. I wasn't entirely sure what colours I was looking for, but I knew I wanted it to look strange and angry.

Nearly there, I now had what I felt like was a vicious storm. the three travelers casually cruising through it as lightning struck their enclosure. However this bubble felt flat to me. It was going to bend the light, and …