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Terryl Whitlatch Creature Course #4 - Doggos, Dinosaurs & Ungulates

Because there are simply so many creature studies I'm creating for this course, I've decided to filter down the number of those studies that I'll put onto my blog.

For this post I'll briefly sum up the two weeks worth of topics. Firstly there was the dog/dinosaur studies. As I said from the last post, dinosaurs come in two varieties (bird-hipped and lizard hipped). That week was all about studying another mammal, and combining it with the bird-hipped dino that my previous study didn't cover.

Below are the studies and final product:

This combination turned out quite well I think! Taking the thin aspects of the Russian wolfhound and combining it with th4e relatively stocky Parasaurolophus was quite the challenge though.
And for the following week was about ungulates (animals that walk on the tips of their toes) and combining those. I could have chosen any two ungulates, but I chose a Shire horse and Dorset Down sheep because I knew they were quite similar, and t…

Terryl Whitlatch Creature Course #3 - Avians & Dinosaurs

During this weeks lesson I spent my time studying birds and their ancient ancestors, Theropods.

I had taken a while to really try and understand how the anatomy of birds can be traced back down the evolutionary tree and so did detailed studies of examples of both, making notes as I went.

As you can see I studied bones, muscles, posture, and wingspans. It definitely revealed a lot about how theropods transitioned into the birds we see today. Here's a closer look at some of my notes:

In the image for the theropod you'll notice how I've highlighted the pelvis of the creature. This is because this is what defines a theropod as it is 'lizard-hipped., This is to create a stronger support for it's leg muscles. As opposed to 'bird-hipped' dinosaurs such as the triceratops, who have closer hips to allow for more digestive tracks to break down the large amounts of  vegetation they consume.

And here's a small GIF I compiled to better illustrate how these aspects o…

Monsterkin - First Post

'Monsterkin: Tactics' is a product I'm making in my spare time to fill a lot of gaps in my creative life.
A 2-4 player board game filled with stylized monsters, magic and strange landscapes. The most succinct way I could describe it is a cross between Monster Hunter, Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering with the game-play of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Here are a few of the initial creature sketches I've come up with:

There are 4 different types of terrain in this game. So far these are creatures designed around the Forest and Fire. These monsters will have to reflect their terrains, and the design aesthetics of those areas. Forest for instance, is typically a more defensive landscape. Designed around healing and magic; it's designs are typically softer, with swirls and rounded edges. Whilst fire is a rather abrasive landscape, and so it's creatures must reflect the power they hold with blunt edges.

For a long time I've wanted to make a product on my own, to cr…

Terryl Whitlatch Creature Course #2 - Plethios

This weeks assignment was to focus more on the earlier stages of evolutionary life so I could grasp how anatomy developed over time. I was tasked with sketching some studies, and combining a fish with either an amphibian or a reptile.

After I'd gotten the basics of these creatures sketched down I decided to try going more in-depth on their anatomy. This wasn't required but I felt it would help me really make better decisions on the final piece.

What made this especially interesting for me was the fact that I knew most creatures followed the same basic plan when it came to their anatomy. But fish and amphibians turned out to be wildly different to what I expected.

Amphibians (Salamanders specifically) lacked a ribcage, and fish had their pelvis right near the front of their bodies when I was expecting it to be near the end. With this though I knew I could tackle the final design more capably though.

In the end I decided to mix a Red-Cheeked Salamander with a Blackmoor Goldfish:

Lunch-Break Portrait Studies #1

I'm trying to make use of every spare moment I have to try and push my artwork just a bit more. So during the end of my lunch-breaks I've dedicated about 30 minutes a day to just trying to work on portraits as rendering faces is something of a weak area.

And because I had some spare screenshots I also made a quick progress GIF in case people would like to see the process. I'll definitely be doing more, but I may just post a select few on here. You can be sure to see them all as I make them over on my Twitter: HERE

Dinovember - Misty Mother

I'm ashamed to admit I don't draw nearly as many Dinosaurs during the Twitter event of 'Dinovember' as I should, but this year I tried. I actually sketched up this quick image during one of my lunch-breaks, and I'm quite happy with it. I'm definitely going to plan on tidying this up at some point. So stay tuned!

Terryl Whitlatch Creature Course #1

I recently signed up to a creature design course hosted by Terryl Whitlatch on Schoolism. I'm a huge fan of Terryl's work, so it'll be interesting to see how I develop my creature work whilst on her course.

These should be weekly updates, and this week's topic was to try and get a grasp of the fundamentals of creature design. So our challenge was to draw a human, a tetrapod, and a human/animal hybrid. Then break those down by rig, skeleton and musculature and label each.

Here's what I came up with:

Pokémon Design - Alolan Golduck

I won't deny it, I'm still a pretty big Pokémon fan, and with the new game offering up some different takes on old designs I wanted to take my favourite Pokémon and give it a new twist.

First, I tried to figure out what kind of change this would be. For instance the original design looks like this:

Originally just a water type Pokémon I wanted to reflect the Psychic nature that's always been present in it's design. I sketched a couple ideas, from floating monk types, to ones that seem exhausted by their mental strain.

I actually decided to work on it's previous forms story. Originally a dumb duck that suffered constaint migraines that gave it its psychic power, I wanted to try and portray this even more in its evolved form.

And so the Alolan Golduck suffers from constant insomnia. Never able to sleep from it's terrible headaches, it only worsens the effects, which in turn increase its power.
Part of it's design is taking away the forehead gem from the ori…

Two New Masters Studies

After looking at my old masters studies I decided to try and give my hand at doing a few more value studies to see if I'd improved.

The originals are on the left with my studies on the right. Each took roughly 3 hours.

I feel like I've gotten a good grasp of values themselves in the last year, but I really need to work on texture and my edges.

Observational Sketchbook Vol.2

First of all I want to say, sorry for the radio silence. I've recently moved to a new country and begun a job as a concept artist for a start up mobile gaming company and my time has been absolutely eaten away right now. We'll be releasing our first game in a few weeks though, so hopefully you'll be able to see some of the work I've been working away on. I certainly haven't been lazy these past couple months.

Anyway, onto an art update!

I recently finished an observational sketchbook; one that I use for daily studies, life drawing etc, (when I get the time). I'm sharing a few choice pages that I was quite happy with, but for everyone who's interested I've got a free PDF of all of it I'm happy to share.

There's over 100 pages of sketches for free. So if you'd like to see my roughs and how I try to keep myself sharp, take a look:

Emperor of the Taghali Forest

It had been a long time since I entered a 'Character of the Week' contest on I had just recently finished my internship at SIXMOREVODKA and I wanted to test out what skills and techniques I had picked up to see if there had been a noticeable improvement.

This contests topic was to create an Elvish emperor, one who could be seen as both a beloved ruler, but one that could also have whispers of dictatorship. I had originally started wanting to create a more regal looking emperor, but as I drew more I realized how I actually liked the idea of a power hungry warring elf who was willing to crush his enemies mercilessly. And so I started looking more into barbarians and warriors.
It was quite tough trying to marry these two concepts together. A refined ruler, and a bloodthirsty killer. Especially with elvish motifs being so sleek and beautiful. I began looking at the Sylvari of Guild Wars 2 and the Wood elves of Tolkien. I wanted him to look feral and animalistic, and…