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Underwater Ship Station

I was tasked to paint an underwater ship docking station for the latest Numenera expansion, full of all manner of strange machines, creatures etc. This one certainly had me worrying.

My issue here was that I hadn't done any underwater images before this, the light diffusion was something I was unsure about, and the variety of spaceships, with various angles could very easily resort to unrefined chaos.

As usual though; I did my studies, collected my reference, and pushed on to the thumbnailing.

I personally really liked Number 3. I felt like it had some really nice sweeping motions in it, and the light gave you a prime focus. However, we decided to proceed with Number 1 as it might have appeared more readable. I felt like I wanted to take some of the factors of the third image into this chosen sketch though, and so I copied the sweeping 'floor' complete with character onto the chosen thumbnail.

However, drawing these ships was proving difficult, just as I had feared. Their …

Final Fantasy's 'Bahamut' Redesign's forums often hold a Creature of the Week contest. Many of my older posts from a few years ago were typically revolved around these contests and I can certainly see how much I've developed from my posts back in 2012... It's been a couple years since I last entered though, and with the latest contest sounding as fun as it did I couldn't resist trying to see what I came up with.

This weeks topic was to redesign the Elder Dragon 'Bahamut' from the Final Fantasy series. Bahamut is typically shown as an almost anthropomorphized dragon, with an upright body and large wings. However, I wanted to try spending this time designing a more feral creature.

I started by trying to draw some very strange dragon shapes, adjusting proportions and wing spans. I had an image of a lumbering creature with huge wings and small arms originally.

Eventually I settled on the more typical draconian design, trying to keep the wings the main focus of this silhouette. However…