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Emperor of the Taghali Forest

It had been a long time since I entered a 'Character of the Week' contest on I had just recently finished my internship at SIXMOREVODKA and I wanted to test out what skills and techniques I had picked up to see if there had been a noticeable improvement.

This contests topic was to create an Elvish emperor, one who could be seen as both a beloved ruler, but one that could also have whispers of dictatorship. I had originally started wanting to create a more regal looking emperor, but as I drew more I realized how I actually liked the idea of a power hungry warring elf who was willing to crush his enemies mercilessly. And so I started looking more into barbarians and warriors.
It was quite tough trying to marry these two concepts together. A refined ruler, and a bloodthirsty killer. Especially with elvish motifs being so sleek and beautiful. I began looking at the Sylvari of Guild Wars 2 and the Wood elves of Tolkien. I wanted him to look feral and animalistic, and…