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Showing posts from October, 2016

Two New Masters Studies

After looking at my old masters studies I decided to try and give my hand at doing a few more value studies to see if I'd improved.

The originals are on the left with my studies on the right. Each took roughly 3 hours.

I feel like I've gotten a good grasp of values themselves in the last year, but I really need to work on texture and my edges.

Observational Sketchbook Vol.2

First of all I want to say, sorry for the radio silence. I've recently moved to a new country and begun a job as a concept artist for a start up mobile gaming company and my time has been absolutely eaten away right now. We'll be releasing our first game in a few weeks though, so hopefully you'll be able to see some of the work I've been working away on. I certainly haven't been lazy these past couple months.

Anyway, onto an art update!

I recently finished an observational sketchbook; one that I use for daily studies, life drawing etc, (when I get the time). I'm sharing a few choice pages that I was quite happy with, but for everyone who's interested I've got a free PDF of all of it I'm happy to share.

There's over 100 pages of sketches for free. So if you'd like to see my roughs and how I try to keep myself sharp, take a look: