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Monsterkin - Initial Game Testing

I've had this idea for a game for a while, but I have to admit. I had originally started designing this as a video game before moving to a board game system as I am right now. This is obviously not the best way to go about designing a game, and I've had to make extensive cuts and changes to the original concept to better suit the dynamics of a board game system, but it's beginning to resemble something workable. (Each time I test it however I am noticing new large scale changes I need to implement, so expect what I show from this point to change a lot.)

Based on tactical combat games like X-Com and Fire Emblem, the game play takes place on hex based grid system with an asymmetrical player controling the antagonist. You control a small team of monsters, on a battlefield you control using environment tiles that either buff or debuff your team. Right now the idea is primarily to just defeat the other team, however after testing this it's become noticeable that the gameplay…

Patreon Launch

So I've thought about this for a while. But I've decided to finally set up a Patreon account. Don't worry if you guys like my blog posts and art, I'm not going to be hiding anything I haven't already been publishing behind a paywall. I just wanted to make another avenue for higher quality content to those that feel like supporting me and another incentive to keep working in my off-hours on work that's not hidden behind NDA's.

It'll go towards funding new equipment and creating a safety net for me in the volatile environment that is the games industry. So if you guys like my work, and want to support me in any way, please swing by my Patreon and see if it's worth backing me.


I've also included an extra incentive for those who liked my anatomy diagrams. I created a series of clean annotated, canine anatomy. So even if you only back me for the smallest amount, you'll get a lovely detailed dog anatomy sheet and PSD file:

Anyway, than…